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Perovskite: Applications, Material Developments, Innovations, Start-Ups

24-25 January 2024
Virtual Event

We examine the latest technical and commercial development trends in perovskite, organic, hybrid, CIGS and other next-gen photovoltaic technologies. It covers all aspects incl novel materials, promising production methods such as printed or R2R, new form factors, novel applications beyond utility.

Perovskites | Organics | CIGS | Tandem | R2R | Inkjet | Printed | Thin Film Deposition | Scale-Up | Stability | Thin Film Barriers | Material Innovations | Substrates | Lead-Free | AI and Machine Learning | Commercialization

Confirmed speakers:
University of Colorado Boulder
American Perovskites
Greatcell Energy
University of Stuttgart
InterPhases Solar
Empa-Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
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