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All-Year-Round Online Conference Series on Emerging Technologies

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Upcoming Events For 2021

10 & 11 March   |   14 & 15 April   |   11 & 12 May

15 & 16 June   |   14 & 15 July


Electronics, Photovoltaics, Displays, Sensors

Printed, Flexible, Hybrid, Roll-to-Roll, Structural,  InMold, 3D, Conformal, Large-Area, Stretchable, Textile, Wearable, Patches, Transparent

Material Innovations

Energy Storage Materials, Graphene and 2D Materials, Carbon Nanotubes, Perovskites, Quantum Dots, Organic Electronic Materials, 3D Printing Materials, Energy Harvesting,  Novel Functional Inks, Thermal Management Materials, Informatics, Low-loss Materials, Light-weighting 

Our Focus Areas in 2021

Our Approach

  • All-Year-Around Event Series: Each year we bring our subscribers 350+ analyst-picked LIVE online presentations and 10+ industry-led masterclasses. These take place as regular LIVE online conferences throughout the year in our community-centric fully integrated virtual events platform. 

  • Commercializing Impactful Innovation: Our team and advisors are always on the look-out, researching the technology and market landscape to identify the key players from OEMs and end users to innovative start-ups and commercially relevant researchers. 

  • The Full Global Picture: We curate our events to offer the full global picture, covering key innovation trends, enabling or breakthrough technologies, market dynamics, and emerging applications.

  • Subscription Model: With a single annual subscription fee you will have unlimited access to all integrated portal, enabling you to participate in all our LIVE conferences, engage with our on-demand library of content, learn from masterclasses, and benefit from our online networking platform.

LIVE Conferences

We organize 12-14 LIVE online conferences each year on select emerging technologies.  Once you sign-up, you will be able to participate in all our LIVE online conferences for one year.

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On-Demand Talks

You will never miss a thing in any of our conferences, be they a past, present, or future event. All our content will be available on-demand all-year-around on any device, putting a searchable library of talks on select emerging at your fingers tips.
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Expert-led and analyst-curated LIVE or on-demand masterclasses on emerging technologies. The classes are designed by our analysts, giving you full view of all the technologies, applications, and trends.
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Our platform is community- and attendee-centric, allowing you to connect and communicate with all our community members all-year-around with no limits. If you do not succeed, our team stands ready to help make introductions.
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Our Speakers

 Upcoming Event Themes

Masterclasses on emerging technologies

Details of classes to be announced in April/May 2021. Member only access