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Electronic Skin Patches: Technologies & Practical Insights

Electronic Skin Patches: Technologies & Practical Insights
Ashok Sridhar

Senior Business Developer TNO at Holst Centre

TNO at Holst Centre

Electronic Skin Patches: Technologies & Practical Insights

E-skin patches refer to the category of Wearables that are directly attached to human (or animal) skin, and can sense and communicate physiological parameters. The communication of the measured parameters are typically achieved wirelessly, although wired patches are also available in the market. E-skin patches are seen as a key enabler for home care / remote patient monitoring / digital health. They offer the possibility to measure various physiological parameters such as heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, etc., at body locations where they can be measured accurately, without interfering with the daily functions of the wearer.

In this masterclass, E-skin patches will be discussed from technical, application and commercial perspectives. These perspectives are further broken down as follows:
Anatomy of a typical E-skin patch
Functional layers of a typical E-skin patch, including materials and processes to realize them
Typical requirements to be considered while developing an E-skin patch
Physiological parameters that can be measured, and how they are measured
Diseases and conditions for which E-skin patches are used
Market data
Emerging business models for large-scale implementation of E-skin patches
Value chain challenges

This masterclass will approach E-skin patches from a healthcare and medical perspective. Consumer fitness and wellness applications will not be covered here.

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