December 2021


45 min

Electronic Skin Patches: Technologies & Practical Insights

Electronic Skin Patches: Technologies & Practical Insights

Ashok Sridhar

Business executive, Technologist

Holst Centre

Electronic Skin Patches: Technologies & Practical Insights

About the Speaker


Ashok Sridhar has deep technical expertise as well as strategic and business development experience in additive manufacturing technologies namely Printed Electronics and 3D Printing, which are key enablers for Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and Industry 4.0. He is adept at identifying new growth opportunities and convincing internal stakeholders to establish innovative projects to meet customer requirements and exploit market inefficiencies.**

Ashok received his PhD in inkjet printed electronics in 2010. From then on until 2015, he developed additive manufacturing technologies for Printed Electronics, for a wide range of wearable and sensing applications - enablers of ubiquitous sensing for IoT.

In the beginning of 2015, Ashok moved to a market-facing Applications Specialist role at SABIC, identifying emerging opportunities in Printed Electronics and In-Mold Electronics (IME) by capturing the voice of customers (VOC), market analysis and building business cases. By mid-2016, Ashok transitioned to a Business Development role. So far in this role, he has identified new business opportunities for new and existing specialty polymer materials of SABIC, acquiring customers and identifying value chain partners. He has augmented his business skills through an Executive MBA at TIAS, a top B-School in Europe, receiving a cum laude and scoring 9/10 for his thesis.

Ashok's interest and involvement in 3D Printing goes back to 2004. Besides continuously monitoring the industry trends for more than a decade, he also has hands-on experience in process development and technology development for Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling, key constituents of Industry 4.0.