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MC 1:MicroLED LED Epitaxy

MC 1:MicroLED LED Epitaxy
Dr Gareth Jones

Director of Business Development


MC 1:MicroLED LED Epitaxy

In this masterclass Dr Gareth Jones, Director of Business Development (Photonics) will provide a detailed view of the processes and requirements for growing high quality epitaxial materials for photonics products – in particular MicroLEDs. The talk will be focussed on the epitaxial growth process on large wafer sizes suitable for integration into Silicon foundries, for example, for CMOS backplane integration.

The microLED revolution is poised to transform display technology by offering unparalleled visual performance, enhanced energy efficiency, and compact form factors across a spectrum of applications, from large area displays to wearable augmented and virtual reality devices. The small pixel size but large device footprint creates unique challenges across the device supply chain.

Development of strong partnerships between epitaxial wafers suppliers, like IQE, and device processing and fabrication as well as packaging and integration is a key priority to overcome the significant challenges to getting microLED technology into consumer markets and ensure the future of display technologies.

Enabling greater awareness of the choices, opportunities and challenges at the epitaxial wafer level and how this can then affect subsequent wafer and device fabrication stages is an essential part of integration of the supply chain considerations for these challenging products.

Currently, two main materials systems are utilised in the LEDs in microLED displays, which are AlGaInP grown on GaAs (or Ge) and GaN grown on sapphire, SiC or Si. These will be explored in detail, in terms of the Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition (MOCVD) processes, device layer structures and how these then determine the subsequent device behaviour, such as external quantum efficiency, forward voltage, emission wavelength and FWHM, and the efficiency of device processing.

This masterclass will ideally suit device engineers and designers, microLED product managers and those interested in understanding the benefits and limitations of the epitaxial wafers that are the key enabling upstream technologies of the microLED device supply chain.

About Company: IQE is the world’s only pure play compound semiconductor epitaxy provider with a global footprint, strategically positioned to enable the next wave of innovation. It provides customers in their geographies with three-continent manufacturing services, offering world-class technology, flexibility and supply chain security.

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