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OTFT Materials

OTFT Materials
Beverley Brown

Chief Scientist


OTFT Materials

This class will give an introduction to organic semiconductor (OSC) materials and pros/cons of each chemistry type:​ ​P-type​,​N-type​, Polycrystalline OSCs, ​Polymeric OSCs​ and ​OSC blends​. ​It will also cover the Performance of OSCs/OTFTs over the past 10 years​. It will provide a ​Comparison between OTFTs and inorganic TFTs (α-Si, metal oxide, LTPS)​. ​Formulation and printability of OSCs​. Some protype examples using OTFT. ​ Finally it will cover Organic Semiconductor Technology roadmap and hurdles to be overcome​.​

This video is a first 5 minutes sample. Visit our platform for the full version.

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