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3D formable diffuser substrates for integration of LED lighting with embedded printed electronics?

A prerequisite is often the right formable diffuser substrate!

Here you can learn - from Menno Bos- about ultra formable PC-based light diffusion substrates, enabling one to combine LED lighting with embedded printed electronics over 3D surfaces with no heat spots!

In the first example, a formable diffusion based on a clear 250um PC is shown, which can be stretched up to 200% (!!) with no edge thinning, enabling extremely complex 3D shapes. Decorative and functional inks can also be directly screen printed on its surface, enabling the integration of decorative patterns and electronic functionalities.

This diffuser technology offers high light efficiency (80%) and good light transition (68%). It has many applications and here you will learn about applications in interior ambient lighting, overhead consoles, and exterior lighting.

In the second example, Kimoto Europe introduces a new pre-cured stretchable hardcoat film co-extruded with a clear 250um-thick PC . This is a special pre-cured hardcoat surface which offers very high elongations (135/165%) whilst maintaining a good hardness (2-3H)

To learn more join Kimoto in Eindhoven on 12-13 OCT 2022


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