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A versatile toolbox for innovative mechatronic systems in industrial applications | Contag

Hendrik Mohrmann

Company: Contag AG

Coming from prototyping of complex PCBs in automotive, telecommunication, medical and other applications, we developed a versatile toolbox providing customized 3D electronics. The use of stretchable substrates such as polyurethane greatly expands the possibilities of conventional flexible and rigid-flexible boards by allowing conformal changes of the PCB. Meandering layout in combination with a textile reinforced dielectric allows controlled stretchability up to 30% with anisotropic stress compensation. The consequent use of Copper allows high conductivity and complex networks with seamless transitions between different dielectric materials. We can thus produce stretchable hybrid multilayer boards that include the whole world of PCB materials and technologies.

The portfolio is further supplemented by solutions from the field of printed electronics. 3D-MIDs are realized by stereolithographic printing of LDS-prepared UV-curing resin as a fast alternative for injection moulding in prototyping and small series. Integration of antennas, sensors and cables into one mechatronic product facilitates assembly, improves reliability and reduces costs.



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