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Brilliant Matters & Nano-C dvelop ink combining p-type polymer and n-type nanocarbon semicon

Québec City, Québec, Canada and Westwood, MA, USA - Brilliant Matters and Nano-C are pleased to announce they signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to pursue the development of advanced materials for high-performance and cost-effective printed organic solar cells and photodetectors. These technologies are part of a new wave of electronic and energy-production devices that are mainly made of plastics and contain no toxic materials or rare earths. As the integration of electronic components in everyday objects is on the rise, these technologies could offer enormous environmental benefits, being far less impactful when produced, and at the end of the product’s life.

Both companies have collaborated in the past and offer complementary solutions and technologies that can work together to achieve their cost and performance targets, with Brilliant Matters producing high performance p-type polymers and Nano-C making unique n-type semiconducting carbon materials. When combined, these novel semiconducting materials create a photoactive layer that can convert light into electricity efficiently. And, a key benefit is that unlike commercially available technologies, both semiconductors are deposited simultaneously from a single ink solution and require no further doping.

Brilliant Matters’ CEO, Jean-Rémi Pouliot states “we are very excited to be collaborating with Nano-C on next generation products in organic printed electronics. I truly believe with our combined expertise we will be able to make an impact in the industry by introducing higher performing materials at an affordable price.”

Nano-C’s Director of Business Development, Kerin Perez Harwood said “a key aspect of the Nano-C business model hinges on strong partnerships with key players in the industry and customers. We believe our partnership with Brilliant Matters will result in advanced materials solutions that address key market and technical needs required to drive organic electronics to mass production.”

Brilliant Matters and Nano-C have an aligned vision to create clean technologies at an affordable price. This relationship is the first step the companies make together in their foray to create sustainable electronics, and we hope this agreement will lead to solutions that will benefit the entire printed electronics market.

About Nano-C

Nano-C is a leading innovator and manufacturer of nanostructured carbon materials, including fullerenes, carbon nanotubes (CNT), as well as their chemical derivatives and formulations. Proprietary materials produced by Nano-C are critical links in the value chain for next-generation electronics, sensors, semiconductor manufacturing, and therapeutics. Nano-C’s advanced materials and molecular platform encompasses a portfolio of unique solutions protected by over 215 global patents spanning methods of manufacturing to end-use applications. Through its patented products and processes, and its distinct competencies in the chemistry of these materials, Nano-C is enabling a revolution in device design, manufacture, and performance, and it is committed to their responsible development and use. For more information on Nano-C, Inc. please visit our website, follow us on LinkedIn, or email us at

About Brilliant Matters

Brilliant Matters is an innovator in chemical processes used to create and produce advanced materials for emerging printed electronics technologies. They specialize in organic semiconducting materials, an alternative technology that can be used to create environmentally friendly electronics. Their proprietary process offers the most reliable and scalable way to supply an industry with these materials. Their products offer an alternative solution to existing electronics that can truly be part of a sustainable future. Their materials are high-performing, reliable and scalable, and can be used in a variety of applications, including solar cells, sensors, transistors, and more. They offer performance materials, contract manufacturing services and contract research services for the printed and organic electronics industry. Their outstanding team of material science experts help their partners to overcome barriers and quickly become industry leaders in the world of printed and organic


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