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"C.L.A.D. - Continuous Laser-Assisted Deposition of Standard MaterialsManufacturing Sustainability

IoTech is introducing a new and patented digital additive manufacturing technology: the Continuous Laser-Assisted Deposition or CLAD. CLAD is a breakthrough multi-material production process for electronics, from semiconductor packaging to flexible electronics.

CLAD enables the fast, precise, high-resolution, and high-volume deposition of most industrial materials, no reformulation required. Manufacturers can

- use their standard industrial materials,

- control the deposition of every single drop,

- print at up to 30µm resolution and,

- reach unmatched production yields.

The system is fast, contactless, high-resolution and micron-accurate. It enhances manufacturing flexibility for advanced electronic designs. CLAD enables more compact, powerful product functionalities in a wide range of applications. It is compatible with most conductive and dielectric fluids, even of high viscosity.

CLAD is also ESG-compliant and labour-efficient. It provides an alternative to highly polluting subtractive technologies, enabling the re-shoring of production processes to OECD countries



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