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DoMicro | Assembly For SiC-Based Power Modules

Aart-Jan Hoeven | International Project / Technology Manager

The technology for integrating dies is an important enabler for the realization of advanced applications. This includes applications with power modules. Critical steps for the integration of such modules are in the micro assembly, for example in the wire bonding and the die attach. This presentation will highlight results from work on these steps in a project for prototyping power modules for electric vehicles (EVs). Important for applications such as EVs and renewable energy supplies is the availability of reliable and efficient power modules. These are needed for converting from AC to DC, from DC to AC, for driving an electric motor and for various other purposes. SiC-based solutions are often preferred for high end applications, because they offer a higher efficiency, higher switching frequencies, reduced switching losses, higher operation temperatures and a better robustness as compared to traditional silicon components. A challenge in the integration of power modules is in the wirebonding. The problem is that wirebonding is a major source of failures because of thermal or mechanical stress, and therefore causes a reduced life time. Improved micro assembly processes can bring solutions for this problem.


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