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DTI Printed Electronics: The One Stop Shop for eTextiles, Structures Monitoring and more | DTI

Zackary Davis

Danish Technological Institute

The demand for flexible, stretchable and sustainable electronic solutions is growing rapidly due to the growth in eHealth, automotive, smart buildings and other similar application areas. At the core is printed electronics, which uses printing technologies such as screen, flexographic and inkjet printing, together with functional materials and inks to fabricate electronics directly onto plastic foils, paper or textiles.

To de-risk European industry to adept these novel materials and technologies, Danish Technological Institute (DTI), has established a One-Stop-Shop, which facilitates European industry with consultancy, development and pilot production. DTI can take novel ideas and perform proof of concept projects, develop these into full prototypes and in many cases, upscale prototypes to a pilot scale. Furthermore, DTI can provide support throughout the entire value chain, from materials to final products.

In this presentation, you will witness DTI's work on novel material formulations, particularly focusing on bio-based and sustainable printable materials, including copper-based and transparent silver nanowire inks. DTI will showcase various fully functional demonstrators and prototypes they have developed, ranging from wearable EMG sleeves and heated undergarments to crystal lighting and embedded sensors in drones.

DTI Printed Electronics is also heading a vast network through the formation of the open innovation test bed, Sustainatronics. This collaborative initiative involves leading research and technology organizations, as well as industries across Europe, accessible through a single-entry platform. Through Sustainatronics, you can access dedicated services as well as infrastructure access to the best printed electronics laboratories in Europe.



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