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Flexible Electronics for HealthTech

Speaker: Simon Johnson | Company: CPI | Date: 2-Dec-22 | Full Presentation

The HealthTech market is a rapidly expanding arena with a wide range of new applications and technologies being developed. From personal diagnostics to point-of-care treatments, a key objective of the design of new HealthTech products is their adoption and use by patients which does not always meet the aims of product manufacturers. One of the key factors in user adoption is the ease of use of products and this is strongly influenced by their form factor. Flexible electronics provides a new paradigm for electronic product design which can be optimally exploited in HealthTech products. Unobtrusive wearables, smart garments and smart patches are starting to gain traction in the market place as the new technologies behind them are adopted and become mainstream. This presentation will discuss the flexible electronics technologies which can be used for HealthTech products and provide real world examples of devices which are helping to improve the health outcomes for patients.

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