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Flexible Hybrid Electronics Applications for the Industrial World

Speaker: Nancy Stoffel | Company: GE Research | Date:10-11 March 2021 | Full Presentation

This presentation overviews GE’s vision of the digital industrial challenges in manufacturing. It does this in the context of opportunities for sensors, and communication elements made using flexible hybrid electronics, for smart manufacturing, structural health monitoring, and for improved worker safety and productivity.

Nancy Stoffel

Platform Leader for FHE @ GE Research


Nancy Stoffel specializes in design and manufacturing of printed embedded systems and electronics packaging. She serves as GE’s representative on the Nextflex consortia Board of Governors and was recognized for her technical contributions by being named a Next Flex Fellow. Nancy holds a PhD in Materials Science from Cornell University. Her career has focused on materials and process development for electronics integration. During her 30+ industry career, she was Director of Microsystems Integration at STC MEMS & Technical Manager at Xerox Corp in-charge of inkjet device fluidic design, materials technology and process development for next generation product. During her time at IBM she developed new materials and process technology to create co-fired glass-ceramic multichip modules. She has been with GE Research for 9 years where her work has focused on the integration of sensors and electronics for power electronics, wearables and asset monitoring. She is active in the IEEE, and is the 2021 General Chair of the IEEE ECTC, the premier electronics packaging conference.

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