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High-Throughput Roll-to-Roll Research for High-Performance Roll-to-Roll Fabricated Organic

and Perovskite PV Modules

Speaker: Doojin Vak | Company: CSIRO Manufacturing | Date: 14 - 15 Dec 2022 | Full Presentation

Organic photovoltaics (OPV) and organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite photovoltaics (PePV) are promising PV technologies that can be manufactured using industrial roll-to-roll (R2R) printing which is a widely used mass-production technique for low-cost products. These emerging PV technologies have been making exciting progress toward commercial applications and the efficiencies of the laboratory cells (19.2 % for OPV and 25.7 % for PePV) are already high enough to enter the PV market. However, the efficiency of R2R-produced PV still lags behind those achieved for champion laboratory cells. This is attributed to the materials, processes and device configurations developed for research purposes not being readily translatable to R2R printing, with significant material and process optimisation required to achieve compatibility with scalable R2R processes. The time-consuming optimisation process has delayed the translation of these technologies to the marketplace, necessitating a new revolutionary research method.

Here we present an automated R2R research platform to accelerate the progress of R2R-fabricated solar cell technologies. A bespoke R2R coater was developed to optimise formulations and fabrication parameters including deposition conditions, coating speed, and annealing temperature. An in-situ formulation technique was introduced to fabricate over 10,000 unique cells a day via unmanned operation, and an automated R2R PV measurement unit has also been developed to test this number of cells in a single day. This innovative approach has enabled the rapid progress of R2R-fabricated solar cells, resulting in vacuum-free R2R-fabricated PePV and OPV devices achieving PCEs of 17% and 10%, respectively, both of which are record PCEs in their class, and with the technology still improving rapidly. The optimised parameters have also been translated to the R2R fabrication of large-area modules. The recent progress on the upscaling will also be presented.

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