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Hybrid Electronics: Expanding manufacturing options for electronic assembly and packaging

Speaker: Eric Forsythe | Company: U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command|

Date: 11-12 May 2021 | Full Presentation


Eric W. Forsythe, Ph.D is the Team Leader for Flexible Electronics at the US Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD. His responsibilities include; the Program Manager for the Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute. Recently, Dr Forsythe was the Deputy Program Manager for the U.S. Army’s Flexible Display Center that demonstrated the World’s Largest flexible organic ligtht emitting diode displays and most recently the World’s Largest flexible digital x-ray imagers for DOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Additional responsibilities include the co-PI with the human performancde team for the ARL initiaitive “Continuous, Real-Time Assessment of Soldiers:The Foundation for Future Individualized and Adaptive Technologies” and the ARL Directors Initiative entitle “Ultrafast Electron Spectrocopy” for unique materials science exploration. Prior to joining ARL in 2001, Dr Forsythe was a Research Associate at the University of Rochester where he worked on electronic interfaces in organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) with Eastman Kodak, the inventors of the commercial OLED display technology. In 1996, Dr Forsythe received his Ph.D in Engineering Physics at Stevens Institute of Technology. He has spent time working at small businesses on SBIR-projects in wide range of technologies and at Kearfott Guidance and Navigation on the Trident Missile stellar inertial guidance system, in the mid-1980’s. Dr Forsythe has more than 60 publications (2000 citations, H-index 19), and 5 patents filed or issued.

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