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Low-Cost Printing of Ultrafine Resolution RDL, and Passive Components for Wafer Level Packaging

Nano Ops, Inc. is pleased to host its first webinar on December 2, 2021, @ 1:30 eastern since the launch of FLEX RD and FFx RD800, Fab-in-a-Tool series products. Nano OPS is the world's first manufacturer of purely additive manufacturing tools capable of printing nanoscale features, bringing a nanomanufacturing fab in your lab.

The webinar with Dr. Ahmed Busnaina, CTO of Nano OPS, Inc. will discuss an elegant, low-cost, high throughput additive manufacturing technology that can be implemented at a fraction of the capital investment required of any other technology.

Join the Q&A to ask all your questions on how you can implement manufacturing solutions for advanced packaging in your organization at a fraction of the cost of conventional technologies or foundry offered services using additive manufacturing of electronics.


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