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🌱 Making Print Electronics Sustainable: Insights from Coatema 🌍

1️⃣ Tackling waste: Focusing on sustainable materials to reduce waste and improve recyclability.

2️⃣ Exploring new materials: Nanocellulose for biodegradable printed electronics devices.

3️⃣ Innovative processes: Thermal nanoimprint lithography for functional surfaces without additional materials.

4️⃣ Enhanced functionality: Smart devices that improve the sustainability of packaged goods.

5️⃣ Working together: Collaboration with partners to ensure end-to-end sustainability in the printed electronics industry. #SustainableTech #PrintedElectronics #GreenInnovation #Sustainable Electronics

Thomas Exlager, a process engineer at Coatema, discussed making printed electronics more sustainable by focusing on the waste problem. He presented four solutions to this issue:

1) choosing materials wisely, as exemplified by the Flex Function to Sustain project, which developed a mono-material system for Capri-Sun packaging;

2) using new materials like nanocellulose for printed biosensors in the Green Sense project;

3) adopting new process technology, such as thermal nanoimprint lithography, to create functional surfaces without additional materials; and

4) developing smart devices or materials to improve sustainability. Thomas emphasized that, while Coatema is not responsible for the sustainability aspects of these projects, the company can provide knowledge and work as an intermediary between partners.

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