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Materials Developments for Stable, Scalable and Efficient Organic Solar cells | Brilliant Matters

Speaker: Philippe Berrouard

Company: Brilliant Matters

With ever increasing energy needs, rising environmental regulations and a clear paradigm shift in the energy sector towards energy production from renewable sources, there is an immediate need for cost-effective and rapidly deployable renewables. Organic photovoltaics (OPVs) are a 3rd generation solar cell technology which can be mass produced using R2R printing methods and are made from earth abundant organic materials capable of efficiently harvesting light energy both in indoor and outdoor environments. Due to their incredible versatility, they can be made lightweight, flexible and partially transparent, which enables their use in many applications including agrivoltaics (greenhouses), IoT or building-integrated applications. This presentation will discuss some of the latest materials innovations from Brilliant Matters which enable the advancement of OPV technologies.



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