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OLED Conference: Innovations, Manufacturing, Markets

World-Class OLED Conference | 10 & 11 April 2024 | Online Event

Agenda here

This event focuses on innovations in materials, manufacturing, applications, and markets for OLEDs. OLEDs are already a commercial success for years and yet the the pace of incremental and radical technological innovations and breakthroughs is incredible, furthering device properties [color, stability, resolution, color gamut, brightness, etc], expanding applications, and opening new manufacturing and patterning techniques from photolithography to inkjet printing and beyond.

These innovations could not only entrench the success of OLEDs further, addressing their weak spots, but also perhaps take away the selling points of challengers or alternatives like MicroLEDS, QD-LCDs, etc. Understanding the OLED market and industry dynamics is a must for microLED professionals.

This event is curated by TechBlick and It is part of the MicroLED Connect series - accessible witha Virtual or Hybrid Annual Pass


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