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Polyester film solutions from DTF meeting changing needs in flexible electronic markets

Speaker: Valentijn von Morgen | Company: DuPont Teijin Films UK Ltd | Date: 24-Jun-22 | Full Presentation

Continued advances in the Flexible and Formable Electronics is driving the material suppliers such as DuPont Teijin Films to provide functionality to meet wide ranging demands for applications such as displays, TFT backplanes, energy harvesting and storage, sensors and Human Machine Interfaces.

This talk will give a brief overview of DTF’s PET and PEN product range meeting wide ranging application needs.

Thereby the focus will be on the recent progress made with the development of PEN substrates for extreme processing requirements, formable PETfilms for in-mold electronics, films with ultra clean and smooth surfaces for ultra barrier and high resolution structures and combining UV absorption, weather resistance or fire retardancy whilst also offering more sustainable solutions with the incorporation of recycled materials in the substrates.

DTF has launched many films through collaborations with partners in the flexible electronic industry as our organisation is proving to be uniquely capable of offering customised and affordable polyester substrate solutions.

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