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Printed batteries, any shape, everywhere | Printed Energy

Harsha Kolli

Company: Printed Energy

Printed Energy, early-stage US based hard science company with deep expertise in electro chemistry, printed electronics, and manufacturing automation. The current focus is on flexible, printed, and thin batteries integrated into fully built-up circuits for a complete device such as active RFID. These batteries are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and can be manufactured in any shape and size based on customer requirements. Some of the applications include, smart tags and labels, wearables, medical supplies, tags for timed sporting events, and many other internet of things (IoT) uses. Even though Printed Energy is starting to enter the market, the team has been working on development of thin printed batteries for many years. The unique value that Printed Energy brings to its customer is the ability to manufacture fully integrated device that is cost competitive with coin-cell battery devices. Our proprietary manufacturing line allows us to enter the market and deliver high quality devices at a highly competitive price. Printed Energy’s initial product offering includes delivering disposable Active RFID tag solutions to an existing market with roadmap that includes Semi-Passive tags, temperature loggers and wearable cosmetic/medical patches.



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