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Revolutionizing Adherence: The Evolution and Impact of Smart Packaging in the Clinical Research

In this illuminating presentation, Michael Petersen will walk us through the transformative path of medication adherence advanced by smart packaging technology. Focusing on remarkable innovations like Information Mediary Corp's Med-ic smart blisters and CertiScan solutions, Petersen will provide a comprehensive insight into how these pioneering tools have decoded complex adherence puzzles and driven industry momentum, albeit slowly. By tracing the arc from traditional to smart adherence packaging, Petersen aims to showcase the remarkable potential of digitization in healthcare while acknowledging the challenges and the gradual pace of progress. Attendees will come away with a deeper understanding of the power of smart adherence packaging to reduce clinical uncertainties and improve patient outcomes, despite persistent industry inertia. This discourse forms an integral part of the larger dialogue about the transformation of healthcare through technology at the TechBlick event in Berlin



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