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Smart wearables and the closed loop system. A new approach to biofeedback based performance training

(joint talk)

Speaker: Vincent Tellenbach | Company: NMES Group | Date: 13-14 October 2021 | Full Presentation

The smart wearables industry has expanded with many companies committed to generating data acquired from external factors (altitude, speed, goniometry) and more recently, internal measurements such as temperature, blood oxygen and the constituents of human sweat. Data is analyzed in accordance with human performance – monitoring the execution of elite sports activities, or assessing normal function for those otherwise restricted, and it’s here that the majority of wearables, reach their functional limits. The ability to affect change within the individual human body, through a smart wearable device, and in response to data generated is not yet a fully commercialized offer.

What if the future of smart wearables is equally focused on affect as well as effect? If the data generated from motion, thermal or heart rate sensors can trigger an instantaneous change within the body? NMES Group began its journey in neuromuscular electrical stimulation, offering a wholly innovative system to deliver electrical current through the skin to produce muscle contractions. The subsequent development of unique stimulation programs for a multitude of sport, fitness, occupational health and medical uses was a natural progression. However, pioneering innovation in stimulation programs has enabled NMES Group to think outside of the box, and revolutionize the technology through enhanced haptics in gaming and military applications – and this is just the beginning. The next phase lies firmly in a closed loop system – the intelligent application of muscle stimulation in response to real-time data generated through smart sensors, providing a platform for multiple diverse industry applications.

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