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Solid State Battery Conference | Sodium Battery Conference | Novel Battery Material Conference

You can explore the world class agenda here

Solid State Battery Conference

Sodium Battery Conference

Novel Battery Material Conference

This will TechBlick’s third online event covering three major themes in the battery industry:

(1) Solid state batteries

(2) Beyond Li-ion battery technologies

(3) Next-gen and frontier Li-ion chemistries

The conference covers the latest innovations and developments on applied research, materials, manufacturing and applications from around the world.

The programme is entirely curated by our in-house experts, striking a fine balance between industrial developments and applied research advancements, bringing together a world-class set of speakers from end users, material developers, manufacturers, start-ups, as well as renowned research centers and market analyst groups.

Our exceptional online events are also truly a unique networking opportunity.

All talks will be given live online but will also become available on-demand. The talks from previous events are all also accessible in your library with a single annual (virtual or hybrid) annual pass. You can see the past events here

* in the agenda means that the title is tentative awaiting final confirmation by the presenter

Solid State Batteries | Next-Gen Batteries | Beyond Li-Ion | Sodium Batteries | AI in Battery Development | Li Metal | Aluminiu, Batteries | VACNT | Graphene | Silicon | Natrium | Potassium | 3D Batteries | Additively Manufactured Batteries | Dry Electrode Technology | Monocarbon Membranes | Sulfide Glass | LiS | Novel Cathodes | Direct Plating | Emerging Solid-State Electrolyte Material Families | Layered Oxides | Ceramic and 3D Ceramics | Existing Emerging Novel Cathodes Materials for Li-ion and SSBs | Aqueous, Binder-Free and/or Green Solutions | Thin Film Solid State Batteries and Microbatteries | Supercapacitors | Promising Start Ups | Market Forecasts & Patent Analysis | Scale Up Techniques and Successes | Roll-to-Roll Battery Materials


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