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Stretchable piezo-resitive yarns for strain sensing in high deformation systems

Speaker: Paul Fowler | Company: MesoMat | Date: 2-Dec-22 | Full Presentation

MesoMat has developed plastic based yarns which are able to conduct electricity even as they are stretched like a rubber band. This material, which consists of many polymer filaments that are each coated with conductive nanoparticles and bundled into a yarn, is piezo-resistive, meaning as it is stretched or compressed there is a change in its electrical conductivity. Therefore, these yarns offer a simple method to sense strain which provides numerous advantages over conventional sensing techniques. Most importantly, whereas most commercially available strain gauges can measure strains on the order of 1% at most, these sensing yarns are able to measure strains as large as 20%, making them ideally suited for high deformation environments such as the human body. Secondly, in contrast with traditional point sensors which provide feedback at specific locations, these yarns are global sensors and detect strain anywhere along their length.

Sensing yarns are combined with electronics and software to provide a complete platform that can be used to measure performance, optimize manufacturing or detect failure in high strain materials that are otherwise difficult to sense such as composites, plastics, rubbers and textiles. Example use cases range from monitoring widely used industrial and automotive components to sensing in garments and wearables.

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