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The future roadmap of 3D printed electronics in the medium (3-5 year) and long (5-10 year) terms?

In this short 5-min presentation, Dr. Martin Hedges shares his insights about the current status as well as medium term (3-5 year) and long term (5-10 year) development roadmap of the industry.

Martin is the CEO of Neotech AMT GmbH, a leader in the development of 3D printed electronics machinery, for both prototyping and volume production.

Current status: you can exampleds of (1) print on already 3D surfaces and (2) fully additive 3D printed electronics. In the latter, you can see an example of a filament (FFM) 3D printer building the mechanical part. The process is interrupted to automatically do SMT PnP and Ag metal jetting for building the conductive tracks. Here, multiple layers of interconnected electronics are created within the 3D structure, integrating parts such as LED, optics, waveguides, etc

Short term (3-5 year) roadmap: the industry should complete the first completely automated processing line based on digital 3D printing of electronics. Some degree of AI/ML will also be integrated for quality inspection and perhaps even auto correction. Furthermore, a wide range of functionalities, especially power electrodes, will be integrated, perhaps using cermaic structures, and the printed area/volume will also expand to form large 3D objects.

Long term (5-10year) roadmap: completely new product architectures will be enabled and the industry can start to move away from traditional etching-based PCB production techniques. Furthermore, automated recycling, repair and reuse will be possible

To learn more about 3D printed electronics join us in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) on 12-13 OCT 2022. Martin will be there in person, making a presentation and also showcasing the latest prototypes/products


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