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What is the future market for microLEDs in terms of unit sales, application, chip type, backplane?

The slides below share some key forecasts and analysits by Jerry Kang from Omdia - one of the leading analysts in the field - who will present live online at TechBlick's microLED and QD event on 30Nov-1Dec

Slide 1 shows that the microLED market will experience substantial growth in the coming years. In 2021, the sales were expected to be just 0.12k units, reflecting the lack of technology maturity and the manufacturing high cost/low yield. In 2029, the figure is expected to reach 12.7M units per area. This is a transformational growth, and yet still represents just 0.3% of the total FPD market!

Slide 1 also shows the split of the market - in thousands of units - by application. The first to arrive were public displays owing to low technical barriers and much larger dies as well as ultra low PPI. Premium TV have also arrived and will grow. Here, the superior performance of color gamut, luminance, and contrast delivers value. Smart watches will be a drive of unit sales, as here the small size and lower PPI translate to lower technical barriers.

Slide 2 shows the evolution of the market by backplane technology. MicroLED on Silicon (on CMOS) is suited to high PPI AR or HUD devices. LTPS backplane is ideal for small and medium sized applications like smart watches due to high mobility of LTPS but LTPS does not scale to large areas due to non-uniformity of p-Si. Oxide TFTs can be scaled to Gen8 whilst PCBs will be used for ultra large displays such as signage.

Slide 2 also shows the the forecast split by chip type. The on-wafer option means growing the uLED array directly on the epiwafer. Here, pixel can be very small but overall size limited by wafer size (6-12inch). Flip chip means that microLEDs will have bottom electrodes so that they can be flip chip mounted onto the target substrate/backplane

Join us on 30Nov-1 Dec 2022 to learn more about the technology and market for microLED and Qunatum dots. You will hear from a fantastic lineup of speakers including Samsung, AUO, Sharp, ST Micro, Omdia, Yole, Coherent, Allos, etc.

Check out the agenda here

Data in the slides from Omdia who will present in the event


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