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Svetlana Zhitomirskaya


Graphic Design

Svetlana has a strong background in print design and website development for the fast-moving industry of scientific events, with more than 18 years of hands-on experience.

At TechBlick Svetlana maintains and develops the company website, creates HTML E-mails and design multiple social media ads to promote conferences speakers, exhibitions, masterclasses, and all other company services. She also takes care of editing video recordings after each event and looks after company Vimeo and YouTube channels.

Her artistic and technical skills developed as she designed for various businesses such as technology consulting, event organisers, interior design agencies, hotel & wedding venues, and timber and builders merchants.

As an employee of Cambridge-based technology consultancy IDTechEx for 12 years, Svetlana was a reliable and responsible lead designer. She has carried out concurrent design tasks for marketing, research, consulting, and events. She collaborated with experienced colleagues to organize international events with thousands of participants and exhibitors from around the world.

Svetlana began her career as a teacher of IT and Math in a secondary school, where she taught for five years.

After moving to Camridge in the early noughties she became a web and graphic designer. Since then, she has worked on a vast range of projects, ranging from websites, promotional emails, corporate presentations, product brochures, conference materials, exhibition stands, logos, ads for social media and video editing.

You can view Svetlana's portfolio on her website,

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