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Year-Round Platform

TechBlick - The Leading Platform For Emerging Technologies

Secure your individual, group, or company-wide annual access to the year-round TechBlick platform, giving you and your team access to all our live (online) interactive events, to our library of fresh state-of-the-art talks, to our ever-growing portfolio of industry-led masterclasses, and to our exclusive live networking sessions and match-making with the global innovation community.

This is the year-round modern way to learn about the latest market and innovation trends and to engage with the innovation community.

​Join 1200+ other global members now!

World-Class Conferences on Emerging Technologies

We handpick speakers based on our own internal research, curating agendas that showcase the latest innovations, market trends, and exciting start-ups. Our world-class agendas are carefully balanced, bringing together the key players across the value chain worldwide. The talks almost always take place live, giving ample opportunity to ask questions and meet the speakers

Market & Technology Intelligence & Scouting

The TechBlick year-round platform enables you to learn the latest market and technology trends from invited market analysts, to stay abreast of the latest technical and application developments in your field, and to understand the activities of your competitors and customers. This is the new way to learn about and scout emerging technologies, giving you more depth and breadth than traditional expensive market reports.

Library of State-of-the-Art & Inspiring Content

You can access videos of hundreds of cutting-edge and inspiring on-demand presentations and slides in a searchable library of content in the TechBlick platform. They are an excellent way to learn and be inspired all-year-around on key enabling technologies of the future.

Meet Peers, Partner & Customers

You can use the year-round TechBlick platform to search, find, and reach out to members of our 1200+ global community 24/7. You can schedule and hold video meetings on the TechBlick platform. You can also participate in our live online events, networking sessions, and exhibitions, enabling you to truly interact with others as you would in onsite meetings

Expert-Led Masterclasses

Our team is creating a portfolio of industry-led masterclasses. These are unique classes not found elsewhere, blending theory as well as practical insights about various emerging technologies.  These expert led classes are an effective method to learn a topic and to gain hands-on practical insights into scale-up, manufacturing, product development, and beyond.

Showcase Your Technology / Product

We are always on the look-out for exciting contributions. As a member, you are entitled to add your recorded contribution to the library accessible by more than 1200 global members. We will also try to include a presentation from your one of our live online conferences.

Exclusive Networking at our Onsite Event

Every year we will have one onsite meeting. If you have a hybrid individual or enterprise pass you can join us! If you have a virtual-only pass, you will be granted privileged discounted access at member prices. es

Learn About & Be Inspired By Exciting Emerging Technologies

Our team is always hard at work curating a year-round programme of learning, training, and networking for our +1200 global  members on select emerging technologies. The below list indicates some of our high-level themes.

Electronics RESHAPED

Printed | Flexible | Additive |  Hybrid | 3D | Structural | R2R | InMold | Textiles | Stretchable | Wearable | Conformal | Large-Area Electronics

Energy Storage

Solid State and Li Metal | Novel Separators | Si Anode | Li Sulphur | Nanocarbons | Novel Cathodes | NMC | Supercapacitors | H2 and Fuel Cells | Novel Additives

Display Technology

Min- and MicroLEDs | Quantum Dots and QLED | Printed Displays | Flexible and Rollable Displays | AR/VR | Nanoimprinting | Emissive Material Advanced

Next-Gen Photovoltaics

Perovskite | Organic | Hybrid | Printed | R2R | Flexible | CIGS

Advanced Materials

Energy Storage Materials | Graphene and 2D Materials, Carbon Nanotubes | Perovskites | Quantum Dots | Renewable Materials and Food | AI in Material R&D and Discovery | Thermal Management |Low-loss Materials for 5G and 6G | Light-weighting

Semiconductor Packaging

AI Chips | 5G Packaging | Chiplets | Heterogeneous Integration | High Density Fan-Out Packages | Scaling | Future of Semiconductors

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