Machine Learning & Robotics in New Material Discovery: Innovations, Start-Ups, Applications

16 June 2022
Virtual Event Platform

This event will highlight the latest commercially impactful developments and innovations in the use of artificial intelligence and advanced informatics in accelerated discovery, optimization, and formulation of materials. This is an emerging technology frontier, which some have described as being about ushering Moore's Law into the vast untapped space of material discovery and development. Our curated analyst-picked programme will cover the basics of the field, from advanced analytics to complex AI coupled with automated high-throughput screening. The agenda will cover the latest innovations and achievements across a full spectrum of novel and complex materials, from CNTs/Graphene/2D Materials to OLED and Organic Semiconductors to Thermelectrics and Energy Storage Materials. This event will be part of the TechBlick online event series and will be specifically co-located with an event on "Renewable Materials and Food: Innovations and Applications"

Topics Covered

Material Informatics | Materials Development's Moore's Law | Machine Learning | Self-Driving Labs | Robotics | Digitization of Chemical Industry | Robo-Chemist | 4th Paradigm in Material Discovery High-Throughput Experimentation | New Material Discovery | Accelerated Materials R&D | High Entropy Alloys | OLED and Organic Materials | Drugs | Small Molecules | 3D Printing Materials | Battery Materials and Solid State Batteries | Quantum Dots | Thermoelectrics | Catalysts | Inks and Colloids | Flow Chemistry

Confirmed speakers:


Materials Zone
Boston University
Exponential Technologies Ltd
University of Utah
Berlinguette Research Group, University of British Columbia
Schrödinger, Inc
AI Materia
Carnegie Mellon University
Northwestern University
GE Research
Citrine Informatics
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Toyota Research Institute
OTI Lumionics Inc.
Freie Universität Berlin
Air Force Research Lab
North Carolina State University
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