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Screen printing: Roadmap to screen printing fit for future fine and complex electronic manufacturing

12 May 2023
Virtual Workshop

This is an expert facilitated workshop focused on screen printing of fine and complex electronics. It brings together experts in the industry from around the world together to identify key challenges and develop roadmaps.

The participants will represent everyone involved in this technology from small and larger printers to designers/users to equipment, ink, screen, squeegee, mesh, etc makers.

The spirit of the meeting is open discussion and active engagement facilitated by our expert.

Screen printing has been and remains the workhorse of the printed electronics industry. It however has certain technical and practical limitations which constrain its application space and prevent it from making even more spread in the electronics industry. Indeed, if screen printing does not adapt, it may risk becoming the technology of the past and not the future.

However, history has shown that screen printing adapts, making constant incremental improvements to keep it (hopefully forever!) relevant.

Can this trend continue and what will need to be developed and achieved collectively by the industry to maintain this trend, particularly as required feature sizes, yield, and print complexity increases

Questions on the agenda: Requirements of the future | Challenges and solutions to meet future requirements | Prototyping Barrier

Key outcomes: How will screen printing need to evolve to penetrate into fine complex electronic manufacturing and make the technology future-proof?

What specific steps need to be taken - at every level from ink to equipment product- to enable this evolution

How can one lower the barriers between rapid design prototyping and volume production with screen printing

Confirmed speakers:


Here is how the LIVE 'In-Person Virtual' networking & exhibition works.
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