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Solid-State Batteries & Frontier Battery Materials: Talks, Speed Dating, Networking

28 April 2023
Virtual Networking

This is a member-only online event - limited places available

The event brings together industry players across the value chain and from around the world - covering Asia, Europe, and North America - together. The participants will include manufacturing and OEM companies, applied research institutes and start-ups,, developing novel anodes, cathodes, electrolytes, device architectures,, deposition technologies, volume manufacturing techniques or operations, etc.

First - you will hear 3-5 presentations on SSBs and Frontier Battery Materials
Next, after setting up your profile, within the 1.5-hour session, you will randomly get matched with other selected participants for a 6-min private one-on-one video conversation where you can exchange and form a connection. At the end of the session you will receive a list of your connections!

This has proven to be a very time-efficient, effective, and fun method of networking. It is highly personal and in our experiences (and we organize both onsite and online events) at least matches the effectiveness of in-person physical networking. The randomness and the speed-dating-nature however expand the reach beyond what one could achieve onsite.

All annual pass holders, group pass holders and/or exhibitors/sponsors are welcome and will automatically receive an invitation. However, spaces are limited to 75 on a first come first served basis. You must thus reserve your spot via email in advance. The list of participating organizations will be circulated in advance.

Note that you will have many other opportunities to also cultivate your network throughout the year using our year-round platform. There you can search and find connections, send messages and calendar invites, and hold chats and/or video conversations.

Confirmed speakers:


Here is how the LIVE 'In-Person Virtual' networking & exhibition works.
Watch the Demo Below
Networking Demo
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