Wearable Sensors and Therapeutics | Brain-Computer Interfaces | Continuous Vital Signs Monitoring

2 December 2022
Virtual Event Platform

The first track showcases innovations in the field printed flexible hybrid 3D electronics from around the globe. At this conference and exhibition, you will hear novel themes such as ink-free dry digital printing, printedICs, solder-less bonding, printed organic photosensor arrays, in-mold electronics with extreme shapes, hybrid electronics with SMT assembly, mass produced biosensors, transparent conductive films based on nanocellulose, wearable skin patches, and many more.

Topics Covered

Smart Apparel | Wearable Brain-Computer Interfaces |In-Ear Sensors |Non-Invasive Continuous Bio-Signal Monitoring | Remote Electrical Neuromodulation | Soft Wearable Bioelectronics | Mass Production of Wearable Devices |Disposable Wearable Devices | Neuron Stimulation and Measurements |Electronic Tattoos | Wearable Sensors for Sports and Athletics |Soft Electrodes | Skin electrophysiology | Wearable Neuromorphic Devices | Stretchable Electronics | Continuous EEG Monitoring | Machine Learning and AI | Arterial Pulse Wave Monitoring | Stretchable Electronics | Electronic Textiles | Intelligent Skin Patches | Vital Signs Monitoring | Textile and Wearable Computing | Smart Fabrics | Embroidering Electronics | Soft Circuits | Implantables | Printed Sensors | Printed Heaters

Confirmed speakers:


Firstkind Medical
META (Facebook)
Theranica Bio Electronics
Tampere University
EERS Global Technologies/ École de technologie supérieure
Zimmer Peacock
Cardiomo Care
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Texas
University of Chicago
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