Wearable Sensors & Continuous Vital Signs Monitoring

13-14 October 2021
Virtual Event Platform

The agenda will examine the latest developments in medical wearable sensors and continuous vital sign monitoring techniques. You will hear from leading players developing wearable or implantable continuous monitoring devices for neurons, blood pressure, heat rate, respiration, glucose, and beyond. Furthermore you will hear the latest about the progress in data science and AI in making sense of the data generated by wearable sensors. Finally, you will hear from the leading voices worldwide about the latest business and commercialization trends in the field. This event brings together OEMs to interesting start ups to leading academic voices.

The co-located agenda will be announced soon. It will likely include GE Heatlthcare, Siemens, Jabil, Microsoft, Williot, Ypsomed, Neurosoft, ZSK, Myant, DiPulse, Mas Holding, Sony, Trelleborg, Medtronics, Sony, Abbott, imec, Holst, Henkel, DuPont, Quad Industries, Wise SRL, Eastprint, Mekoprint, InnovationLab, Joanneum Research, Liquid Metal, nutromics, IDUN Technologies, Screentec, Loomia, Uni of California, University of Newcastle, Robert Sauvé Research Institute for Occupational Health and Safety, General Silicones Co., Ltd. , etc

Topics Covered

Wearables Sensors & Continuous Vital Signs | Electronic Skin Patches | Brain Computer Interfaces | Neuron Monitoring and Modulation | Invasive and Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitoring | Implantables | Camera + AI based Monitoring | Voice as a Biomarker | Ultrasound | mmWave Radar + AI based Monitoring | Stretchable Electronics | Printed Sensors | E-Textiles | Liquid Metals

Confirmed speakers:


GE Healthcare
Roche Diabetes Care Inc.
Rouast Labs
DuPont Microcircuit Materials
Sonde Health
TNO at Holst Centre
Neurosoft Bioelectronics
General Silicones
IDUN Technologies
University of California San Diego
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