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Advantages, challenges, and requirements of microLEDs in different application sectors

What are the advantages, challenges, and requirements of microLEDs in different application sectors? This is an important question with strategic consequences, particularly as the application space is diverse, including almost disparate sectors such as automotive, wearables, smartphones, TVs, etc.

In the table in slide 1 below, Reza from VuReal offers his perspective, outlining the key advantages of microLEDs, the key challenges, and also key technological requirements from the perspective of microLED display and manufacturing.

In general, microLED can offer an excellent value proposition in all sectors, provided technology challenges such as cost of manufacturing, bonding, yield and throughput of transfer, size of microLED and PPI, etc can be addressed.

In slide 2, Reza et al will outline - based on their perspective, the key technology challenges facing many of the existing solutions:





Reza will present VuReal's technology at TechBlick's microLED and Quantum Dot event on 30Nov-1Dec 2022. The technology is termed MicroSolid Printing, and it is a printing process for integrating micrometer size devices into surface to difference microLEDs. The details will be discussed at the conference.

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