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AI, wearable electronics, skin patches, and stretchable electronics?

AI, wearable electronics, skin patches, and stretchable electronics? Precision medicine, the future landscape of healthcare, can provide personalized diagnosis and treatments to each individual by taking into account the underlying differences in people’s genes, ages, health histories, and living environments. This futuristic healthcare requires the development of two major capabilities:

(1) the effective and continuous acquisition of multi-modal health data during long-term daily activities outside of clinics, for which wearable electronics emerge as the ideal solution; and

(2) the high-throughput and intelligent analysis of such complicated and large-quantity dataset for extracting the underlying personalized health patterns, which is becoming one of the main application directions of artificial intelligence (AI).

Prof Sihong Wang from University of Chicago will present a solution on 2-Dec-2022 at the free-to-attend TechBlick event

He will first introduce his research in imparting skin-like stretchability onto wearable sensors that can continuous collect health data on the human body. Then he will introduce hisr research in imparting intrinsic stretchability onto neuromorphic devices that can provide state-of-the-art computing performance. He will also show the practical applicability of this device for implementing machine-learning computing and algorithms for health data analysis, when the computing hardware is under human-body-induced deformation.

This is an exciting presentation and part of an exciting programme of 25+ speakers, 35+ live virtual exhibitors and 400+ live attendees. You can join us on free of charge on 2-Dec-2022.

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