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Gravure Offset Printing for micro-Bumps in MicroLEDs?

Printing micro bumps with solder paste or conductive adhesives is an elegant solution. However, most printing techniques will struggle to achieve the current, let alone, future resolution requirements. Indeed, this requirement will become even more challenging as microLEDs shrink in size (roadmap is towards 5x5um2). Microgravure offset printing on wafers represents an elegant solution. Here, you can see an example of work by Komori, showing how 6um (diameter) solder pads were printed on a wafer with a pitch of 30um. This is an excellent resolution. After reflow, the solders spread, making the diameter of the solder bump15um.

To learn more about this technology, and other technologies essential in manufacturing of next-gen microLEDs, check out the confirmed speaker list for TechBlick’s microLED event. You can see the full agenda here


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