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Smart skin patches: a key enable of digital technology

Smart skin patches are a rising trend, finding applications in sleep monitoring, EEG and brain activity monitoring, cardiovascular monitoring, and even in electrical stimulation of neurons, muscles, and other areas. These patches must meet many criteria- from signal quality to bio/skin compatibility to wearable to breathability to stretchability and to low cost production. Here, you will hear from Pauline Hibon on the requirements for skin patches as well as a general overview of some potential health-related applications

To achieve low-cost volume production, screen printed electronics is essential. Quad Industries is well positioned in this area with its 1M/year patch production capacity. It can do R2R and S2S screen printing in Belgium and Slovakia, respectively. More importantly, it has already built extensive know-how and production expertise in the field with different designs and is thus an excellent prototyping and production partner.

To learn more and visit the Quad Industry team, join the global industry in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) on 12-13 OCT 2022


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