Virtual Events 2021

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  • Printed & Flexible Sensors & Actuators
    13 Oct, 14:10 CEST – 14 Oct, 20:10 CEST
    Virtual Event Platform
    Printed sensors are a huge and diverse market. Piezoresistive sensors are the next largest market after glucose test strips. Other fields include piezoelectric as well as stretchable sensors. The latter is finding applications in industrial monitoring, robotic control, and wearable electronics.
  • Electronic Textiles, Skin Patches & Wearable Electronics
    13 Oct, 14:10 CEST – 14 Oct, 20:10 CEST
    Virtual Event Platform
    Skin Patches, Wearables, E-Textiles, and Stretchable Electronics
  • Photovoltaics & Energy Harvesting: Highlighted Innovations
    01 Dec, 14:10 – 02 Dec, 18:10
    Virtual Event Platform
  • Batteries & Supercapacitors: Material Innovations
    01 Dec, 14:10 CET – 02 Dec, 20:10 CET
    Virtual Event Platform
  • Breakthroughs in Frontier Materials
    02 Mar 2022, 14:00 CET – 03 Mar 2022, 20:00 CET
    Virtual Event Platform

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