Virtual-Only Package

Year-round interactive exhibitions, targeted exposure and high-value leads

Our unique virtual-only package combines year-round exhibition, digital marketing, virtual webinar & workshop support, email marketing, lead generation, group access, online meeting tools, etc.

1. Year-Round Virtual Booth Across ALL Online Events

Do you want to exhibit across a range of fields and get exposure across a variety of synergetic end use markets?

Our year-around annual exhibition package is the answer. Your virtual booth is open all-year-around across all TechBlick live online ‘in person virtual’ events, giving you exposure to all our topics. You can tailor the content of your booth whenever you require to best fit the topic of a given live (online) event. When you make yourself available during our live events, visitors can call you directly for a one-to-one discussion. Even when you are away, your virtual booth is active, collecting leads when a visitors spends more 30s in your booth.  The below video shows our current platform.

Watch this video to better understand how this works.

2. Virtual Booth in ‘In-Person Virtual’ Lounge

Do you want to have a real conversation with online visitors? Do you want to truly engage or experience that inspiring feeling of serendipitous conversation?

Our unique ‘in person virtual’ space is the answer. Here you can have ‘real’ conversations as you would in ‘in person physical’ events. This where you can truly meet and mingle with visitors. This space has the buzz, feel, and engagement level of physical events. This is where virtual events become real.  This space will be made available as a live exhibition floor at select events. Your booth will be made available if you agree to host it live online. There will be no analytics in this space & you should collect business cards like physical booths. This space is all about engagement.

Watch this video to better understand how this works.

3. Multimedia Company Page on TechBlick Site

Do you want to gain more exposure to a large targeted audience?

Our open virtual booths or multimedia company pages are the answer. Each exhibitor will have a full multimedia page on TechBlick's website with unlimited documents, video and image uploads as well as embed options.  This page is open to the public and will be accessible when a visitors clicks on your logo in our website. The listing on the left-hand side depends on your level of sponsorship (Gold then Silver then Standard organized alphabetically).

Watch this video to better understand how this works.

4. Present Your Technology Online to a Highly Targeted Audience

You can give one live talk per year. You will receive leads when anyone watches your talk live or on-demand. This is an extremely effective form of marketing.

Note: the talk must be rich in technology (not necessarily academic/scientific) content and light on direct marketing. If you If have presented within the past 16 months, we would ask that you co-present with an end user. In this case, we will extend your presentation from 20min to 30min.  Your co-presenter can attend the event free of charge as your guest. The exception would be that you present on two very separate talks, e.g.,  displays and inks. If this meeting condition is not possible, we will find alternatives.

Watch this video to better understand how this works.

5. Do you have multiple team members who wish to join?
Do you also want to involve your engineering and R&D team?

​We include group access as part of your exhibition. Depending on your level of sponsorship/ exhibition, you package will include several annual passes (5, 8, 10 for standard, silver, and gold, respectively), Each annual pass is priced at 600 Euros per year if purchased individually and without an exhibition or a group package.  The annual pass gives an individual 12 months access to all live online TechBlick events,  networking activities, masterclasses and all content from past events and workshops. It is an incredible opportunity to learn, train, and network on our topics.

This video gives a tour of the platform, highlighting member benefits

6. Support for marketing your webinars, virtual or hybrid events?

Are you running a webinar or an online event and need to enlarge your audience? Are you running a physical event and want a hybrid arm? 

We have the answer. We can market your webinar to our members if the topics are right. The email will be prepared by your following our guidelines which require it to be an insightful technical document. The email will go from our servers but from your name and email address. This will expand your marketing. Furthermore, we can plug in your webinar into our platform simultaneously so that our members can watch your online events live and on-demand.

Two examples of external workshops broadcast live to our members

7. Interactive space for your webinars and online events?

Are you running a webinar or an online/hybrid event and need access to an interactive virtual platform? 

We have the answer here too. For less than 200 live attendees, we can create a custom room for you in the networking lounge so that you can network with the participants as needed. See the video below to see how the space can be customized. For silver and gold sponsors, we can also make your custom-designed room available anytime.  This way, you can use this space not for for special events, but anytime you wish for your internal meetings, customer demonstration, small webinars, etc.

Two examples of external workshops broadcast live to our members

8. Do you wish to email market to a highly targeted audience?

As a standard exhibitor, you can send out email to our list of registered annual members. You can provide your own html and/or content in adherence to our guideline. The main guideline is that you can the content is of a hight quality and shares technical insights including charts, videos, etc. It must not be a direct and obvious sales pitch. We reserve the right to request changes 

You can customize content, name of sender, email of sender (but not server), reply address, title, etc.  You will NOT receive email address of those on the list, but they can directly reply to you if they wish.


If you are a silver or gold exhibitor, you can also send your own email to a targeted list of 3000 members through us. Here too, our content guidelines apply.

Watch the video above to see how the email can be customized.

9. Interview on YouTube (Live stream & on-demand)

We can arrange a 30-min LIVE stream on the YouTube channel of our partner(s).

Currently, Charbax with 100k YouTube followers is a partner. This is a popular channel focused on reporting from technology fairs and exhibitions.


The discussions will be focused on slides and will be technology focused.  The moderator will be Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh. The videos can be branded with a frame featuring your logo as well as that of TechBlick. We will include a link back to your products and comments sections.

As more partners join us, we will expand your menu of available options

Watch the video above to see how the email can be customized.

10. Unlimited Product & Technology Announcements in our Blog

We operate a blog page on our website. You can include as many press releases and opinion pieces as you wish with links back to your own webpage without additional costs.

The page can include unlimited images and as well as embedded videos.

We strongly encourage you to include content of a technical nature. Such contributions have a much higher read rate.

Livestream on YouTube with partner channels

11. Sponsorship slide on on-demand videos

​We rebrand all our videos after they take place live. You can see an example of a branded video opposite. We can insert one slide in the on-demand version promoting your products. This can be viewed by anyone viewing the on-demand version and also the teaser versions on our website.

Livestream on YouTube with partner channels

12. Leads and analytics?

Do you wish to have focused targeted lists for follow ups and email marketing?

As an exhibitor, subject to you agreeing to adhere to data sharing principles, you will receive the list of those who visit your virtual booth (and stay more than 30s) and those who watch your talk in our platform live or on-demand.


13. Do you need additional media exposure?

We send out a weekly newsletter to a highly engaged audience with excellent open rates. In nearly all our newsletters the logos of our exhibitors are shown, giving you constant exposure. 

Furthermore, we include content on each exhibitor at least once, and often multiple times, in our newsletters. The frequency depends on the willingness of the exhibitor to share insightful technical content with us.

Furthermore, we do paid advertisement through the email list of all the major media in our fields on a regular basis. Your logo is included in all these email shots an exhibitor.  You can see the logos of some media partners opposite. We have many more partners not shown here.


Another worthwhile Techblick virtual event: excellent speakers presenting compelling content combined with terrific networking opportunities

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Many thanks for inviting me to give a presentation at your amazing event! It was really a good experience! I enjoyed the platform a lot and how it is designed

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Very good. Your virtual conference platform is top notch!

Roche Diabetes Care Inc

The on-line networking/exhibition session was very similar to off-line networking/exhibition.

LG Electronics

One of the best virtual exhibit platforms I have seen so far.

Nano OPS, Inc.

Great work and the networking is awesome


The networking lounge functionality is fantastic! For me, the best I've seen so far in virtual events, the closest you can get to a real feeling


I am really impressed with what you put together. The breakout room works really well, almost better than in real world.

IP Group plc

Techblick is the only online event in the field of printed and hybrid electronics which gives the feeling of real live events so far.

Kundish GmbH

Techblick is the success story in virtual conferencing and we are looking forward to the next event


TechBlick was a fantastic experience! Not only were the speakers excellent and the topics interesting, but also the virtual platform was easy to use and greatly facilitated our networking efforts. We look forward to participating in the next event!"

Brilliant Matters

TechBlick made virtual interaction real


The event was awesome, TechBlick is a great platform.

Applied Materials

Absolutely fantastic event at TechBlick, very interactive and focused. PrintCB received great traction when presenting its new copper solutions for automotive, electrification and printed electronics.


The TechBlick event on Printed Electronics has been a true success. One of the best virtual events - that I have ever attended. Great talks and networking opportunities


It was very good, topics were relevant for me. Very good funtion to watch on demand. I still continue enjoying it.


I was skeptical at how effective the online events would work but was pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective the interface was. I attended I made three relevant contacts that could be potential collaborators


It was very good, topics were relevant for me. Very good fucntion to watch on demand. I still continue enjoying it.


The networking session last week was very interesting! The virtual venue made me feel like having real conversation, it accelerated interactive communication with people. I really hope to join again next time

JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

It was very well organized


The conference was very intriguing and I look forward to the next month!

Lamar Advertising

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