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InMold Structural Electronics Workshop 2023

12 May 2023
2pm - 5pm


Virtual Workshop

This is a special one day event combining networking with learning and discussions on two themes: (1) screen printing and (2) in-mold electronics.  

In this page you can learn more about the activities around in-mold electronics. On the link here, you can learn more activities on screen printing in printed electronics

InMold Electronics is one of the most exciting technologies, enabling the reshaping of electronics into complex 3D shapes combined with mass production ability. The technology however faces a number of challenges to enable widespread adoption. 

In this 1-hour session,  the  following panelists will each first give an update on the state of the art in their respective domains before outlining the open challenges and questions. We will then have a faciliated and open Q&A session. 

The panelists include:

  • Antti Keränen, CTO of Tactotek focusing on status of IME process and roadblocks to commercialization 

  • Dirk Pophusen from Covestro focusing on status, challenges, and open questions for IME substrates [film aspects]

  • Marius Nolte Covestro focusing on status, challenges, and open questions for IME substrates [resin aspects]

  •  Rahul Raut from MacDermid focusing on Ink portfolio challenges and status for complex IME products

  • Robert Boks from Panacol-Elosol GmbH focusing on status and challenges of component attached in IME environment and on 3D shapes

  • Hans-Peter Erfurt from Proell GmbH covering "From Insert Molding to InMold Electronics: Challenges & Opportunities"

The panel will seek to address the following questions and more:

  • we will design a panel to review the latest and address the following issues:

  • Material Compatibility: Ensuring that the materials used in IME, such as conductive inks and substrates, are compatible with the molding process.

  • Reliability: Ensuring the durability and reliability of in-mold electronics under various mechanical stresses, including bending, stretching, and impact.

  • Design Complexity: Managing the design complexity associated with integrating electronic components within a molded structure, including component placement and interconnections.

  • Manufacturing Yield: Improving manufacturing yield and reducing defect rates in in-mold electronics production.

  • Process Integration: Streamlining the integration of in-mold electronics manufacturing processes with existing molding and assembly techniques.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: 

  • Standardization: Developing industry standards and best practices for in-mold electronics design, materials, and manufacturing processes

  • IP and licensing issues

  • Status of adoption by various industries like the auto industry

There will also be an open discussion about the future challenges facing the industry. The aim of the meeting is open discussion and active engagement facilitated by our experts.

Do NOT miss this chance to participate in this event. This is the place to learn and together advance structural electronics together. 

Leading global speakers include:
Pröll GmbH
Panacol-Elosol GmbH
Sun Chemical Corp
Suzhou Maxwell Technologies
MacDermid Alpha
RISE Research Institute of Sweden
Kissel + Kiwo Group
RH Solutions LLC

Full Agenda

The times below is Central European Times (CET).

Track 1
Track 2
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