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3D Printing & Conformal Printed Electronics

3D Printing & Conformal Printed Electronics
Khasha Ghaffarzadeh



3D Printing & Conformal Printed Electronics

3D and Conformal Printed Electronics have many existing and emerging applications in Electronic Packaging. In the talk you will learn about the different techniques that one can deploy in 3D printed electronics. Here, you will learn about the performance limits of each technique and will be able to benchmark the different process options. The techniques considered herein include piezo/valve jet, aerosol jet, multi nozzle inkjet, 3D dispensing, and print+laser.

Next, you will learn about applications of 3D and conformal printed electronics in applying metallization or electronics onto an existing 3D surface. Here, we consider applications ranging from antenna printing to medical devices to conformal as well as area-selective package-level EMI shielding to wire-bond replacement especially for ultra-high frequency packages to heat management in stacked die packages or high-power semiconductor packaging.

Next, we will learn about the companies and approaches towards building truly 3D printed electronics, i.e., electronics is embedded within the 3D object itself. Here, in our benchmarking, we consider how the electrical and how the mechanical parts are built. We will then highlight several emerging techniques such as SLA+filling. Finally, we consider several applications such as prototyping for RDLs (redistributionlayers) or complex 3D lighting modules

Finally, we close the talk by considering two emerging options for ultra-precision printing. Here, we only consider techniques which can be applicable to 3D printing (thus those techniques used only on 2D surfaces are excluded).

In a follow review class, we will consider all approaches towards fine line printing including advances in screen printing, flexographic printing, inkjet, micro-dispensing aerosol, electrohydrodynamic printing, nanoimprinting, and high-throughput wafer printing.

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