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LEIMSA – Lightweight Electronics by Injection Moulding in Seamless Architecture

LEIMSA is an ambitious 5M Euro project bringing together many of the key players across the value chain to create structural electronics using the integration of IMD (in-mold decoration), IML (in-mold labling), IME (in-mold electronics), HPF (high pressure forming, etc). The project partners include Simoldes Plastics Celoplás, Plásticos para a Indústria, S.A. DTx - Digital Transformation CoLAB Bosch. The project partners include Elantas Proell Covestro DuPont Hofmann Biebling Covestro Sabic Kurz Grewus, etc

The final demonstrator will seemlessly integrate into a 3D console a transparent display, a capacitive display, a slider (capacitive | backlighted), touch buttons with RGB LEDS and haptic feedback, small display etc.

In the video below Sandra Melo and Ana Cortez explain the parts that are being integrated using into the console


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