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Soft electronic system: combining rigid electronics with stretchable thin light substrates

Dr. Yeo's group at Georgia Tech University is doing pioneering work on soft materials, flexible mechanics, nanomanufacturing, machine learning, and system packaging to develop intelligent soft wearable biosensors and bioelectronics. These systems combine soft stretchable flexible substrates and materials with rigid electronics, creating soft yet powerful electronic systems.

The diversity of the research programme is fascinating. In slide one, you can see a selection of ongoing projects in Dr. Yeo's research group regarding the study of soft materials and development of soft biosensors and bioelectronics

In slide 2, you can see a picture showing the comparison between a soft electronic system on fingers and conventional rigid wearables on the wrist. This Is where the true advantage of soft electronic systems shines!

In slide 3 you can see examples of developed wearable bioelectronic systems. Here, one can see the combination of extreme stretchability, thinness, and rigid ICs and electronics.

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