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The Most Important Global Conference and Exhibition

Printed, Flexible, Hybrid, Wearable, Textile, 3D, Structural, InMold Electronics

TechBlick LIVE!

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* Personal Annual pass excluding VAT.

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The Future of Electronics RESHAPED!

The world’s most important conference and exhibition re-shaping the future of electronics.  The global community- from material suppliers to equipment makers to manufactures and end users- will also gather here to reshape the future of electronics.

In-person at the 2-day event. Eindhoven

Unique proposition: As an attendee, you will can participate in-person at the 2-day event in Eindhoven, join the hands-on tour, and have year-around access to ALL TechBlick LIVE(online) conferences, masterclasses, and library of state-of-the-art presentations for a year. Learn more about the package here.


Explore the themes of the Conferences & Exhibition

White Structure

Printed, Flexible, Hybrid Electronics


Timing of the Event

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