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Solid-State Batteries: Innovations, Promising Start-Ups, & Future Roadmap

14-15 February 2024
Virtual Event

This will TechBlick’s third online event covering two major themes in the battery industry: (1) solid state batteries and (2) frontier materials beyond standard Li-ion chemistry including novel anodes, cathodes, and electrolytes. 

We are currently preparing the agenda. If you are interested in presenting please write to

To give you a sense of our events you can see our 2022 and 2023 events here

2023 | Solid-State Batteries: Innovations, Promising Start-Ups, & Future Roadmap

2022 | Solid-State Batteries: Innovations, Promising Start-Ups, & Future Roadmap

*The on-demand talks from both these events are part of your annual (virtual or hybrid) pass

In curating the agenda, TechBlick brings together a handpicked world-class agenda consisting of end users, manufacturers, promising start-ups, as well as renowned research centres andmarket analyst groups.

This event provides the opportunity to learn about the latest technology trends and research developments,  disruptive start-ups, scale-up and production strategies, OEM requirements, and market analysis and forecasts. It is truly a unique agenda with unparalleled networking opportunities.

Solid State Batteries | Next-Gen and Beyond Li-Ion | Thin Film Solid State Batteries and Microbatteries | Supercapacitors | Promising Start Ups | Market Forecasts & Patent Analysis | Scale Up Techniques and Successes | Roll-to-Roll | Emerging Solid-State Electrolyte Material Families | Ceramic Battery Materials | Pure and Composite Silicon Anodes | AI and Simulation in Material Discovery and Optimization | LiS | Graphene, CNTs, and VACNTs | Reactive Metals | Existing Emerging Novel Cathodes Materials for Li-ion and SSBs | Aqueous, Binder-Free and/or Green Solutions | 3D Batteries | Additively Manufactured Batteries | Dry Electrode Technology | Monocarbon Membranes | Sulfide Glass

Confirmed speakers:
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Feon Energy
BroadBit Batteries Oy
Fraunhofer IWS
University of Colorado Boulder
Fraunhofer ISI
Shmuel De-Leon
Stanford University
Nawa Technologies
Paraclete Energy
ETH Zurich
rhs Instruments
Université de Picardie
University of Maryland
The Coretec Group
Fraunhofer IKTS
AMG Lithium
Here is how the LIVE 'In-Person Virtual' networking & exhibition works.
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