August 2021


45 min

3D Printed Electronics

3D Printed Electronics

Martin Hedges

Managing Director

Neotech AMT

3D Printed Electronics

This class will cover what is 3D Printed Electronics and what are its benefits. 3D Printed Electronics processes, systems and strategies. The markets and applications. Active research and future perspective and finally a summary.

About the Speaker


Graduated BSc (Materials Science) from the University of Manchester (UK) in 1987. Completed a PhD in Materials Science in 1990 from UMIST (UK).
Founded the company Neotech in Nuremberg in 2001 to develop additive manufacturing processes with a focus on Printed Electronics. Since 2009 the company has been pioneering AM of 3D Printed Electronics (3D PE). Some of the main applications include printed sensors, antenna and circuits integrated into 3D structural parts