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Art and Practice of R2R Printed Electronics

Art and Practice of R2R Printed Electronics
Christoph Kaiser

Head of Tech 2 Market

InnovationLab GmbH

Art and Practice of R2R Printed Electronics

InnovationLab’s Masterclass on “The Art of Roll-2-Roll Printing” gives insights into the topic of screen and flexo printing. Dr. Christoph Kaiser explains how feasibility meets producibility and shows the advantages of the printing techniques implemented at InnovationLab. Because function is more than looking nice, he investigates the new demand that emerged when it comes to the printing of electronics, including inks, tools and machinery. Several showcases realised by iL highlight the various product opportunities that open up with printed sensors.
InnovationLab – the One-Stop-Shop for printed electronics. Learn more on R2R-printing and get to know our LAB2FAB concept by visiting our booth or by contacting us.

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