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Colloidal Quantum Dot Technology In Industry

Colloidal Quantum Dot Technology In Industry
Jonathan Steckel

Independent Technology Expert

Colloidal Quantum Dot Technology In Industry

This masterclass on QD technology will give you a deep introduction to colloidal semiconductor quantum dot nanoparticle materials. How QDs are synthesized and how their physical composition, shape, and size determine their unique optical and physical properties will be discussed in great detail. State-of-the-art QD optical properties will be reviewed in the context of their first commercialization in displays in 2013 with QD photoluminescence technology roadmaps presented in relation to all of the products currently on the market that leverage QD technology. QD-based optoelectronic devices will be introduced and the current state-of-the-art QD photodetectors, solar cells, and LEDs will be reviewed in detail to provide a good perspective on where these technologies are heading and how they will add value in the marketplace.

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