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Electroactive Fluorinated Polymers for Organic Electronics

Electroactive Fluorinated Polymers for Organic Electronics
Fabrice Domingues Dos Santos



Electroactive Fluorinated Polymers for Organic Electronics

Thanks to their unique electroactive properties, printable ferroelectric copolymers have attracted great research interest in Organic and Printed electronics for their potential applications in the fields of sensors, actuators, medical imaging, IR detectors, underwater acoustic transducers and the emerging organic electronics.
Thanks to the richness of fluorinated polymer chemistry, a new class of polymers has been developed: the relaxor ferroelectric polymers.. Compared to the normal ferroelectric polymers, these materials exhibit a very thin hysteresis curve, good mechanical properties, a high dielectric constant at ambient temperature, large deformations under an applied electric field and giant electrocaloric effect.
We will present here the basic concepts of electroactive fluorinated polymers and introduce their processing through organic and printed electronics technology. We will then introduce recent developments made using these materials in different fields: Printed sensors for healthcare and medical applications, HMI , packaging, SHM and automotive, Actuators for Haptic feedback, microfluidic or flexible speaker, Energy Harvesting, Electrocalorics solid-state cooling…

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